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Resources I wish I knew about in my MSW - Part 2

For today's blog post we continue our "resources I wish I knew" series that takes a look at environmental justice and climate change resources that we wish more social work students had access to in their MSW programs (or at least I wish I had access to when I was in mine!).

In this post we will take a look at some videos and webinar recordings that have helped shape my thinking and approach to action, and provide examples for how social workers can contribute to advancing inclusive, just, and transformative change. If you missed it, check out our Part 1 post of books and articles (primarily of social work practitioners and scholars).

As mentioned in the previous post, these are not exhaustive lists, but a starting point that we hope you will find helpful. Let us know what we're missing and we'll gladly add it to the list! Enjoy!

Our Connections to Problems & Solutions:

Transforming Systems & Policy:

Climate & Environmental Governance:


Thank you for reading! As always, please help us keep the conversation going by following us on Twitter (@theISWEJ), reaching out to us with your questions using this form, and letting us know how you would like to engage with the ISWEJ in this survey.

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