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Listen to the "Ecosocial Work: Environmental Practice and Advocacy" Podcast

We're excited to share that in November, Rachel Forbes, MSW, and ISWEJ founder Kelly Smith, DSW, were featured on NASW's podcast series Social Work Talks. In this interview they share about why social work must commit to integrating ecosocial work into their practice, ways to become involved in this work, and their personal work in the ecosocial work. Most importantly, they share about their book edited book Ecosocial Work: Environmental Practice and Advocacy published by NASW Press. The pair were also featured as the Keynote speakers for NASW's Virtual forum in 2023, which focused on Environmental Justice. We at ISWEJ are proud of Rachel and Kelly for bringing so much awareness to the value of ecosocial work within the profession.

Listen to the podcast here, and feel free to share and reflections by commenting on this post. Interested in purchasing the book? Visit NASW Press today.

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