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Invitation to Present and Attend: 4th Annual Social Work and Ecological Justice Virtual Conference

You are Invited!

In partnership with Adelphi University School of Social Work, ISWEJ is pleased to present the 4th Annual Social Work and Ecological Justice Conference:

Solving it Together:

Ecosocial Work Progress and Potential. 

Social media and news platforms daily highlight the concurrent harm inflicted upon people, species, and the planet happening by pervasive interlocking systems of racism, oppression, and inequity. While this messaging is important, it can also render efforts to address such systems overwhelming, daunting and isolating. These emotions are shared by all, necessitating active engagement in work around environmental justice and racism.

This conference will foster a global conversation seeking to celebrate social work’s progress within climate change and environmental justice work and elevate the new voices and innovative approaches being made to continue this work in support of the physical, mental, environmental, and social health of those we serve, those who serve, and the earth we all are a part of. Through mutual aid, learning from our past, adapting to present needs, and striving to connect the local to the global, we can expand on the momentum we’ve already created. This is a call to action for your involvement to expand this work within social work and related helping professions and strengthen our collective futures.

Accepted proposals will offer actionable and replicable tools focusing on the many intersections between practice, policy initiatives, and environmental justice.

Proposal opportunities include:

  • Presentations (30 minutes)

  • Call to Action Speed sessions  (5 minutes)

  • Student Poster Presentations (see previous years posters)

  • NEW THIS YEAR! To accommodate a larger audience and our international colleagues who may have time zone constraints, we are offering a new opportunity to submit something for inclusion on ISWEJ’s website and email newsletter. These submissions can be in written (case studies, resources, tools, opinion pieces, poetry etc.) and/or audiovisual (art, song, photography/Photovoice, etc.) format of no more than 1,000 words including references/citations. These must be personal materials that haven’t been published elsewhere unless permission was granted for redistribution. Examples of Prior Posts

Proposal are accepted until May 6th for presentations and posters, and May 20th for submissions for inclusion on the ISWEJ's website and email newsletter. Please visit our full website to submit a proposal and register!

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