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Invitation to Join a Virtual Mutual Aid Group about the Environmental Justice Crisis

The ISWEJ is happy to share the below invitation on behalf of a colleague and the International Association of Social Work With Groups:

Greetings, To address the concerns of a larger number of social workers, the purpose of this group has been revised to make the group and topics discussed more inclusive. The purpose of the group is to share concerns and think with others about the climate and environmental justice crises to be in a better position to deal with those in our practice and to encourage students/clients/participants and groups to take action whenever possible. The group is tentatively scheduled to start in mid-January. If you are interested in joining the group, please contact me at Sincerely, Hélène Filion Onserud

Are you concerned about climate change, climate justice in particular? Are the degradation of the environment and the resulting social upheavals on your mind? Do you need a way to integrate addressing the environmental crisis into your life and your practice? Are you looking for a safe space to share, learn, process, and explore possible action steps together? If you are, this group is for you. One IASWG member shared with me a recent article related to this topic in Psychotherapy Networker: Confronting the Climate Crisis: Helping Clients Face Uncertainty and Fear By Ryan Howes. Psychotherapy Networker graciously allowed me to use the article as an attachment to this email invitation. Hélène Filion Onserud holds a Master's degree in social work. For over three decades she was a group work practitioner within a Brooklyn New York agency. Since retiring in 2019 she has become an environmental activist. She recently presented at the IASWG symposium about group work as an ideal vehicle to mobilize people in relation to the environmental crisis.

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