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Guest Post by Chelsea Dade: EJ Photovoice Contest! A project by Communicate For Health Justice LLC™

The ISWEJ welcomes the opportunity to share this Photovoice Contents from our allied organization, Communicate For Health Justice. Please read below to learn more!

Written by: Chelsea Dade, Creator, and Executive Director, Communicate For Health Justice

Communicate For Health Justice is a millennial-driven, Black woman-owned communication platform dedicated to mixing health equity and social justice concepts into health communication editorial content and programs by creating communications that take both the history of health injustice and current social movements & moments into account.

PhotovoiceWorldwide strives to help individuals and organizations use photovoice safely, ethically and successfully while creating a global community around this participatory, feminist, and grass-root method using photography.

On November 28 2022, Communicate For Health Justice (CFHJ) previewed a new project with partner Photovoice WorldWide (PVWW). PVWW is a global social enterprise dedicated to sharing the power of the art of photo-voice for social good. Learn more about photovoice and PVWW on our blog.

In our partnership, Communicate For Health Justice LLC™ and Photovoice Worldwide will highlight examples of one of the most pressing social justice and health issues, #environmentalracism.

Environmental racism refers to the disproportionate burden of environmental risks and disasters placed on Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities. Environmental injustice occurs in various ways - from higher exposure levels of pollution and toxins, habitat destruction, lower quality of natural resources and environmental amenities, or exploitative dumping.

We're asking our social media followers and YOU to share photovoice examples of environmental racism from their own communities. This project is ongoing through 2023.

How does it work?

  • Snap a photo that represents YOUR experience of with environmental racism.

  • Write a few sentences describing WHY you chose your photo.

  • Submit your entry by email no later than April 30.

Up to 25 photos will be selected to be displayed in an online gallery. A Community Viewing Event will be held to highlight all photos.


  • Please avoid photos that include people's faces, unless they have given you explicit permission.

  • Please avoid photos that identify commercial or private property, such as business signage and mailboxes. Do not trespass and be mindful of the rights of property owners.

  • Communicate For Health Justice/Photovoice Worldwide reserve the right to accept or reject entries.

  • All images that are submitted will become the property of Communicate For Health Justice/Photovoice Worldwide.

Make your voice heard by sharing your stories about how environmental racism is affecting you and the people around you.

For more information, please email us.

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